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As non-traditional students, ex Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel have a lot to add to classroom discussions and can offer unique perspectives. Yet, these differences can also be quite challenging. 

ASVA would like to help student veterans overcome these challenges by establishing ASVA chapters at universities throughout Australia to provide a peer network for veterans on campus. Interacting with other likeminded students on a daily basis will help student veterans regain that sense of camaraderie they had in the ADF. These built-in networks will greatly assist student veterans during the service-to-student transition process and will help mentor/motivate student veterans throughout their degrees.

Just imagine the positive impact a population of educated veterans could have on our society. This is why ASVA wants to provide support, mentorship, and a collaborative voice to the student veterans of Australia.


A veteran is any person who has served in the military (Army, Navy, Air Force). The term veteran is often applied to an individual who has completed a specific term of military service and has been discharged from his or her service obligation; however, the term also applies to those individuals currently serving in the Reserves. 

ASVA's mission is to   promote the academic success, empowerment, and professional development of student veterans at university through advocacy and supporting resources

Would you like to start your very own ASVA chapter and help us build a network of student veterans across the nation? Click the icon above to register! 

Feeling generous? 

Ex-service personnel have tremendous untapped academic & professional potential. Your donations will help ASVA unleash that potential

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